Butterfly flies towards flower

Insect flight with VR glasses

Virtual short flight with "Birdly"
Use insect senses like a butterfly and explore an ecosystem with plants, insects, birds, snails and mammals.
until 07.10.2023today: 13:00 - 17:00  

Exhibition, Literature & knowledge, Children & Youth, Workshop
Naturkundemuseum Bayern

For those who want to experience the world through the senses of an insect, a flight with the virtual reality flight simulator "Birdly" in the BIOTOPIA Lab is just the thing. In the short flight experience the visitors can discover aspects of the world that are normally hidden from the eyes. By UV vision they recognise hidden patterns on plants and animals, or discover hidden insects by their pheromone traces.Click here for the programme schedule.

If someone wants to discover even more fascinating worlds: with Birdly he or she can also fly as an eagle over the most beautiful landscapes of Bavaria, discover the Jurassic period as a pterosaur or swim through a coral reef as a sea turtle.

The Birdly can be explored during opening hours, depending on availability. If demand is high, you may have to wait a little. Use this time to explore the other areas of the BIOTOPIA Lab!

To fly with the Birdly, your "wingspan" (fingertip to fingertip) must be at least 1.20 meter.



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80638 München

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Naturkundemuseum Bayern

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This event is free of charge.

Reservation note:

No registration required. The timetable for the flight programme can be found on the Lab website.

The BIOTOPIA Lab would appreciate a voluntary donation for the use of the "Birdly".

The BIOTOPIA Lab is free of charge. However, a ticket for the Botanical Garden is required admission is free during the winter months. Please visit: https://botmuc.snsb.de/

Further information

  • Zeitraum:

    03.02. – 07.10.2023

  • opening hours:

    Friday: 13:00 - 17:00
    Saturday until Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00

    closed on:


  • Note on access:

    Extended or different opening hours may apply on public holidays and during school holidays. Current information at lab.biotopia.net.

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Butterfly flies towards flower
Butterfly flies towards flower © Gary Bendig
BIOTOPIA Lab © Naturkundemuseum Bayern/Andreas Heddergott


Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Explore Life! The Naturkundemuseum Bayern is being built in Munich-Nymphenburg as a 21st century life sciences museum and future forum for science communication. It will expand and reinvent the existing Museum Mensch und Natur. The BIOTOPIA Lab in the Botanical Garden, various festivals and events already give a first impression of BIOTOPIAs vision!

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Naturkundemuseum Bayern