Slowflower Movement e.V.

Past events from this partner

Floral Still Life - Orange-violet-arragement

Floral still life by Cornelia Weber

Enchantingly pretty! Even with a camera or cell phone camera, the blooming magic can be captured in the picture.

Workshop, Other
Public Library Motorama
Munich Public Library

Die Autorin Chantal Remmert

Slowflowers. Wild gardens and untamed bouquets

Reading and presentation with Chantal Remmert
A fascinating insight into the annual cycle of a nursery dedicated to floristry with sustainably grown flowers.

Literature & knowledge
Stadtbibliothek Neuhausen
Munich Public Library

Express Yourself in Colour!

Flower arranging with Arjen Huese
To discover and try out: Which colours and colour combinations suit a person and her mood best?

Stadtbibliothek Sendling
Munich Public Library

Presentation by Sebastian Conrad

Contemporary floristry

Lecture and presentation by Sebastian Conrad
With his creations, the artist and florist Sebastian Conrad shows a trend-setting way in flower design.
26.09.2023, 19:00

Literature & knowledge, Workshop
Public Library Moosach
Munich Public Library