Bayerische Staatsoper

With around 600,000 guests and over 400 events every year, the Bavarian State Opera makes a significant contribution to Munich's reputation as one of the most renowned international cities of culture. Within one season, from September to July, over 40 operas from five centuries and more than 20 ballets from the 19th century to the present are performed, as well as concerts and song recitals.

Past events from this partner

Theater Camp

A Westwind project for teenager
Playing theater during the pentecost vacations we discover the power of movement, voice, light and music – culture creates fertile soil.

Children & Youth, Theatre & Dance, Workshop
ubo9 Kulturzentrum
Bayerische Staatsoper

Citizen's Choir

Weekly commun singing in Freiham
Singing in the choir and culture connect and create encounter – Culture creates fertile soil.

Genossenschaftsraum Progeno
Bayerische Staatsoper

Children's choir

Weekly commun singing in Aubing
Children meet to sing in choir and discover rhythm and sound – culture creates fertile soil.

Children & Youth, Workshop
ubo9 Kulturzentrum
Bayerische Staatsoper

Street Ballet meets HipHop

Weekly dance workshops as part of the Westwind project
Different dance styles are combined – culture creates fertile soil.

Workshop, Theatre & Dance, Children & Youth
Jugendtreff Neuaubing
Bayerische Staatsoper