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The Deutsche Gesellschaft für christliche Kunst e. V. was founded in 1893 as a national, non-profit and independent cultural institution. The art association sees itself as a supportive forum that strengthens art and the discourse of people and the present with a Christian attitude and selected expertise.

Past events from this partner

Michael von Brentano, As if you knew everything, 2004, Silk flowers on a metal framework 140 x 64 x 48 cm

Opening "Rosa Immergruen"

Contemporary art and lyrical time travel
At the opening, curator Benita Meißner will introduce the works on display.
25.05.2023, 18:00

Exhibition, Party
DG Kunstraum

Miron Schmückle, from: Hortus conclusus, series 32, 2003, C‑prints on AluDibond, no. 12 of 13, each 80 x 53 cm

Rosa Immergruen

Contemporary art and lyrical time travel
In the exhibition 'Rosa Immergruen', floral motifs become a mirror of human thoughts and feelings
until 03.08.2023

Exhibition, Guided tours, Workshop
DG Kunstraum

Michael von Brentano, As if you knew everything, 2004, Silk flowers on a metal framework 140 x 64 x 48 cm

"Rosa Immergruen" with Benita Meißner

First hand view of the artworks
Curator Benita Meißner guides through the exhibition "Rosa Immergruen – Contemporary art and lyrical time travel".

Exhibition, Guided tours
DG Kunstraum

Michaela Bruckmüller: Ranunculus | Danse macabre from the series On becoming and passing away, photograph, 2017

Open words workshop with Kilian Ihler

Flowers and Poems
Participants write poems about flowers and blossoms and paste texts in the form of a collage.

DG Kunstraum

A colorful collective is shown in an artistic performance in a bright room. In the foreground are a young man and a young woman who are disguised and look like a pirate and a pirate woman with their golden earrings and headscarf. The man is holding a tin sign and a radicchio salad, just as the woman is holding a radicchio salad. She looks up, waves her right hand and calls out something.

Die Radicchiofrau

Performance of Sophie Schmidt
As part of the "Rosa Immergruen" exhibition, the artist creates a cyborg called Radicchiofrau.
13.07.2023, 19:00

Theatre & Dance, Exhibition
DG Kunstraum

The secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Flower workshop for children
Johanna Eder invites you to discover with all senses the art works of the exhibition "Rosa Immergruen".

Workshop, Children & Youth, Exhibition
DG Kunstraum

Clay-seed bomb mixture with potential for flower meadows, 2023

Flower paving stone production with Claudia Starkloff

With potential to a flower meadow
When people look at the ground, what are they standing on? Mostly it is sealed and paved surfaces, not fertile soil.
15.07.2023, 11:00

Workshop, Exhibition
DG Kunstraum

Rasha Ragab & Christoph Nicolaus


Musical performance with toffaha
With Rasha Ragab (shakuhachi, stone harp, humming) and Christoph Nicolaus (stone harp), an enchanting soundscape emerges.
20.07.2023, 19:00

Concert & Opera, Exhibition
DG Kunstraum

Nora Gomringer and Philipp Schulz

„Rosa Immergruen“ meets PENG PENG PENG

Finissage of the exhibition with performance
At the end of "Rosa Immergruen", Nora Gomringer and Philipp Scholz present PENG PENG PENG, a fatallyrical bang in a class of its own.
03.08.2023, 18:00

Literature & knowledge, Party, Exhibition, Concert & Opera
DG Kunstraum