FUNK Optik feat. Sashee Schuster

FUNK in Kinsau, Bavaria, is one of the last eyewear manufacturers in Germany. Here, the Dieter Funk and Sashee Schuster collections are handmade under sustainable premises. In her own store in Schwabing, Sashee demonstrates her self-developed laminating technique in which blossoms, spices and seeds are preserved in acetate to then become spectacles during a hands-on workshop.

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The process of elderflower: drying, laminating and finally turning the acetate sheet into a pair of glasses.

Flower art by Sashee Schuster

Workshop with the eyewear designer
Creating works of art together from blossoms, herbs, seeds – laminated for eternity between sheets of cotton acetate.
24.06.2023, 14:00

FUNK Optik
FUNK Optik feat. Sashee Schuster

The "Berthold" glasses with colourful dried flowers, made by hand.

The floral art of eyewear designer Sashee Schuster

Flowers, herbs, seeds: Laminated and immortalized in acetate. The visitors experience how glasses are created as works of art.
until 08.07.2023

FUNK Optik
FUNK Optik feat. Sashee Schuster