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The Happy Club a Risography Art Studio & Shop. Risography is the art of sustainable printing with a risograph. It is a type of stencil printer with a life of its own: It creates tactile and vibrant prints with rich, bright solid colors. Through offsetting and varying color applications, it produces unique one-of-a-kind pieces with the incomparable Riso look.

Here, creatives and risography artists not only present their works, but also give insights into their working methods. The Happy Club offers printing and creative workshops, exhibitions and unique print products.

Past events from this partner

Lost Flowers, motif tulips

Lost Flowers

A photo project on the theme of transience
Esther Breiing-Czech shows the process of becoming and passing in her risiographs.
until 01.07.2023

The Happy Club
The Happy Club / Risographie Art Studio & Shop