Babette and the Darned Knot, Puppet Theatre "Schleichwege" (Creeping Paths)

Babette and the Darned Knot

A story from the life of a jungle snake
In her forgetfulness the dangerous jungle snake Babette makes a memory knot in her tail, which now cannot be untied.
10.09.2023, 16:00

Children & Youth, Theatre & Dance
Kunsttreff in Moosach
Kunstrefugium e.V.

Babette is a jungle snake with some handicaps. First of all, she is very forgetful and in order to be reminded of an important thing, she has tied a knot in her tail. But unfortunately, she doesn’t remember that anymore either. Her life with the knot has become extremely tiresome. The charming butterfly Laurenzo helps Babette, to get out of this predicament and makes a wonderful discovery.  The story is an enjoyable puppet show for young and old, by and with Claudia Schleich, Figure theater ”Schleichwege”.


Kunsttreff in Moosach

Donauwörther Str. 51
80997 München

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  • Gastronomic offer:

    Yes, only drinks


In cooperation with

  • Claudia Schleich


This event is free of charge.

Further information

  • Event duration:

    16:00 – 16:20

  • Age recommendation:

    From 5 years

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Babette and the Darned Knot, Puppet Theatre "Schleichwege" (Creeping Paths)
Babette and the Darned Knot, Puppet Theatre "Schleichwege" (Creeping Paths) © Steffi Leitz
Kunsttreff in Moosach
Kunsttreff in Moosach © Ingrid Müller


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