Garden table with pot, stove top and basket

Chutneys of currants or tomatoes

Walk in Annette Tessaro's dream garden
The guests learn how to prepare delicious chutneys of fruits or vegetables.
20.07.2023, 14:00

Garden & Park, Guided tours, Food & Gastronomy
Garden from Annette Tessaro
Evangelisches Bildungswerk München e.V.

Place of action: a cheerful, colorful garden with natural character and various individual themes. Old fruit trees, vegetables – also in glass houses –, herbs, some exotic, a shade garden, a rock garden, perennial gardens that bloom from early spring to late autumn.

Participants can enjoy: Blossoms all around, inviting places to sit and swing, fun decorative elements, and a garden pavilion. They are invited to learn about herbs and medicinal plants and process them into aromatic delicacies.

You can make a tangy jam with a  mixture of fruit and/or vegetables. This is a fine aroma kick to a sandwich, cheese, ham, cold roast! The chutney also goes well with grilled meats or grain roasts and makes a fine takeaway for a buffet.

Each guest receives a jar to take home, along with the recipe.


Garden from Annette Tessaro

Peralohstr. 10
81737 München

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Garden table with pot, stove top and basket
Set garden table © Annette Tessaro


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