Der Wachsende SchauRaum

Final "floral rush"

in the growing SchauRaum
Works were created in the neighborhood about plants and flowers. For the finale "Blütenrausch" the Wachsende SchauRaum is complete.
16.06.2023, 19:00

Exhibition, Party
SchauRaum in Ackermannbogen
Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro

Plants, flowers, blossoms - inspired, viewed and designed from different angles, whether as a picture, color, scent or object. In numerous workshops, exhibits were created that are representative of a diverse and colorful neighborhood at Ackermannbogen. The artists will come together again for the finale of "Blütenrausch". 

Also on display are photographs by Ruth Mahla and installations by Bettina Warnecke. 


SchauRaum in Ackermannbogen

Therese-Studer-Str. 9
80797 München

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Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro
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Der Wachsende SchauRaum
Der Wachsende SchauRaum © Ruth Mahla
pFlanze.Farbe.Frau – installation by Bettina Warnecke
pFlanze.Farbe.Frau – installation by Bettina Warnecke © Ruth Mahla
Living Bloom Calendar in the Growing Showroom
Living Bloom Calendar in the Growing Showroom © Ruth Mahla


Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro

The Ackermannbogen e.V. is a non-profit neighborhood association with a focus on neighborhood, environment and culture. The asscociation see itself as a forum for community spirit and civic engagement in one's own living environment. His  vision is to combine individual life with community and to enable a good life for all. So that home is more than just the place where we live.