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Online lecture on natural air conditioning
The consequences of climate change are becoming more and more noticeable. These can be reduced by greening, even on facades.
19.04.2023, 18:30

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Climate change and densification are bringing Munich more hot days with little cooling at night and strong heat radiation at night. Trees mitigate these effects, but climbing plants can also act like a natural air conditioning system: Green walls reduce the heat storage of façades and walls through shading and a large evaporating surface, while only requiring small space. Therefore, the greening buildings is even promoted in Munich. Which plants and climbing aids are suitable and what needs to be considered during planning are the central topics in the online lecture by Wolfgang Heidenreich from the Green City e.V. greening office.


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Greenwall Borstei
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The Green City e.V. was found in 1990 as a nonprofit organization. Today it represents one of the largest environmental organisations in Munich. With greening, redistribution of street space, sustainable mobility and educational offers the association is committed to climate protection. The aim is to reduce motorized private transport and climate-damaging gases and to make the city greener and more liveable.