Finished Ikebana Artwork by Children

Ikebana Introduction Workshop for children

Introductory course alongside the Ikebana exhibition and performace. Children create their own Ikebana artwork!
03.09.2023, 15:00

Kreativ Werkstatt in the KUNSTLABOR 2

In line with the Ikebana exhibition and performance, there will be the opportunity to get creative yourself on Sunday, 03 September. In this workshop, children and adult visitors can create their own Ikebana arrangement.

Ikebana means bringing flowers to life and giving them a new lease of life. So when Ikebana artists take a flower or other plant from nature and put it in a vase or bowl, they are not just keeping it alive with water, but giving it a new lease of life as part of a work of art and giving it a more beautiful appearance than nature gave it.

A workshop for adults will take place at the same time, so that families can participate in both workshops at the same time.


Kreativ Werkstatt in the KUNSTLABOR 2

Please register in advance at the reception.

Dachauer Str. 90
80333 München

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4,00 €

Applications open until 29 August 2023. Further information on the Kunstlabor 2 website.

Further information

  • Event duration:

    15:00 – 16:00

  • Age recommendation:

    From 4 years

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Finished Ikebana Artwork by Children
Finished Ikebana Artwork by Children © Ikebana Sogetsu München e.V., Foto: Angelika Mühlbauer



With nearly 10,000 square meters of space on six floors and an additional 6,800 square meters of outdoor space, the former health care building offers room for a variety of concepts. Within the one-year construction phase, MUCA transformed the old building into a new center for art and culture. The project name "KUNSTLABOR 2" ties in with the great success of its predecessor.