Madonna Monapuzzelisa

New and old lines

David Dott draws lines. In the past differently than today.
Expressive scribbles reminiscent of blossoms, plant tendrils, or insects complement or form constructive images.
until 04.11.2023today: closed  

Galerie Gerhard Grabsdorf

Quite literally, the title means: David Dott draws lines. In the past somewhat differently than today. But it can be understood metaphorically: Dott used to follow different lines than he does today.  

And so many of his lines today no longer follow the lines of the past. Some have been torn down, some have been added. Other lines cross and connect, intentionally and unintentionally.

One thing has not changed: He sees truth in the line.

In this exhibition, therefore, the line is brought into focus and the relationship of the lines is illuminated by means of some juxtapositions: Scribbled and controlled lines, drawn and cut lines, old and new figure concepts, evolution in self-copy.

At first glance, a body overgrown by plants. On closer inspection, one suspects that the tendrils could be graffiti elements. Flower-like forms join to new picture elements and dissolve them at the same time.


Galerie Gerhard Grabsdorf

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Madonna Monapuzzelisa
Madonna Monapuzzelisa © David Dott
Gallery Gerhard Grabsdorf
Gallery Gerhard Grabsdorf © Gerhard Grabsdorf


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