The "Wanderbaumallee" moves to Oberländerstrasse

Festive parade with samba band
At their new location in Sendling, the trees will convey how they affect the streetscape and the local climate.
21.06.2023, 18:00

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Green City e.V.

The walking trees are intended to give a first impression of how a possible tree planting would affect the streetscape and the local climate. The goal would be to achieve that the Oberländerstraße is permanently greened.

With this project, a greener, climate-adapted and thus more livable city is promoted. It shows how good the trees are for the public space and how they significantly increase the quality of life of the residents. Especially in the summer months, building facades and streets heat up strongly, so that without greening and the resulting effects such as shadows and better air exchange, the quality of stay along streets is severely limited.

On June 21, 2023, starting at 6:00 p.m., all residents and interested parties are invited to join in pulling the trees from Dreimühlenstraße to the new station in Oberländerstraße. The move will be accompanied by the samba band "Go Brazil", which will provide a summery and exuberant atmosphere.



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This event is free of charge.

Reservation note:

Anyone interested can pull the trees or become an on-site watering patron for the period from June 21 to July 26. Please register at garteln@greencity.de.

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    18:00 – 20:00

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Wanderbaumallee © Green City e.V., Robert Haas
Wanderbaumallee © Green City e.V., Thomas Vonier


Green City e.V.

The Green City e.V. was found in 1990 as a nonprofit organization. Today it represents one of the largest environmental organisations in Munich. With greening, redistribution of street space, sustainable mobility and educational offers the association is committed to climate protection. The aim is to reduce motorized private transport and climate-damaging gases and to make the city greener and more liveable.