Lawn for sunbathing in the English Garden with the Monopterus temple.

The English Garden, a park for the people

"Back to Nature"
The Elector and Count Rumford landscaped the English Garden as a parc for the people. In the meantime, there is much to discover here.
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Guided tours, Garden & Park
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In 1789, for the first time in Europe, there was a park created for the people. Everyone was allowed to enter the English Garden, not just the nobility. The design was also new: not a French Baroque garden, but a modern landscape garden. Its model can be found in the gardens and parks of England.

Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell further developed the layout into a masterpiece. A landscape painting in three-dimensional space. On the walk, art can be discovered in nature: "Everything seems to be nature, so happily is art hidden".

It is no longer a walk, but an artful pleasure stroll.


Englischer Garten

Meeting point at Court yard temple, south end of the English Garden

80805 München





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Lawn for sunbathing in the English Garden with the Monopterus temple.
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