Ukrainian mallow

Artistic dialogue about man and nature
Semira (Iryna Fedorenko) shows works of art that immerse the viewer in a world of beauty and harmony.
until 29.07.2023today: 16:00 - 19:00  

SchauRaum in Ackermannbogen
Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro

The mallow, a symbol of the union of man and woman, is a central element in Semira's artwork. Mauves are traditionally found in the gardens of homes in Ukraine to protect the family from evil. Semira has taken this meaning and incorporated it into her artwork. The mallow stands for beauty, strength and fragility at the same time and is thus a symbol of life itself.

The paintings and photographs connect man and nature, immersing the viewer in a world of beauty and harmony.

Iryna Fedorenko is an Ukrainian artists with over 20 years of creative experience. In the past two years her works have been displayed in more than 60 exhibitions in museums and galleries in Europe, USA and China under her creative alias Semira.


SchauRaum in Ackermannbogen

Therese-Studer-Str. 9
80797 München

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Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro
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    21.07. – 29.07.2023

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