"Flores y mujeres" at the Buchheim Museum


Women and flowers in art
Dealing with the theme of women and art in paintings by the expressive realists. On view until 26.3.2023 at the Buchheim Museum in Bernried.

Women and flowers are frequent motifs in the visual arts, especially in the paintings of the expressive realists. That generation of artists celebrated their successes between the two world wars, during the Nazi era they were ostracised as "degenerate" and after the Second World War they were considered antiquated.

The Hierling Collection includes, among other things, a large number of paintings of flowers and women that are intensively dedicated to the theme of women and art.

On view under the title "Flores y mujeres" until 26.3.2023 at the Buchheim Museum in Bernried.

The exhibition encourages visitors to consider questions that arise again and again when dealing with art: What is beauty? What images of women are constructed? What is more important: erotic fantasy or respect for the opposite sex? The exhibition aims to make people sensitive to these issues and to present these art-historically significant works to a new reception in an open and critical way. Finally, this exhibition is a heartfelt invitation to enjoy the contemplation of art. For it is less about flowers than about the role of women in the art of the expressive realists of the 20th century.

By the way: in 2018, the poem "Avenidas y flores y mujeres" (Boulevards, Flowers and Women) by the Bolivian-Swiss writer and founder of Concrete Poetry, Eugen Gomringer caused a great stir: Because it made women objects of male gaze, it was criticised as sexist and eventually removed from the façade of a Berlin university. The poem inspired the title of the exhibition.

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