Museum Mineralogia München

The Museum Mineralogia München is the open part of the Mineralogicale State Collection Munich, a scientific research collection. The museum offers visitors an aesthetic and didactically structured insight into the world of minerals, gemstones, crystals and rocks. In addition, the areas of material sciences, meteorites and art are served.

Past events from this partner

Sand rose from Morocco

Flowering Minerals

Minerals also represent Flower Power
Flower Power in the Museum Mineralogia displays: Minerals with flower names as sand roses, symmetry in plants and crystals and much more.
until 08.10.2023

Museum Mineralogia München

folded paper flowers and paper leaves in and on a desk display case

Origami flowers and children's flower make-up

for the city's 865th birthday
Creative flowers are made from paper, faces are painted in bright colours and much more at this two-day festival.

Children & Youth, Workshop, Exhibition
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