Damascus rose flowers

Rose petal syrup with DGS

Walk in Annette Tessaro's dream garden
Preparation and tasting of rose petal syrup from the Damascus rose "Isfahan".
29.06.2023, 14:00

Garden & Park, Guided tours, Food & Gastronomy
Garden from Annette Tessaro
Evangelisches Bildungswerk München e.V.

Place of action: a cheerful, colorful garden with natural character and various individual themes. Old fruit trees, vegetables – also in glass houses –, herbs, some exotic, a shade garden, a rock garden, perennial gardens that bloom from early spring to late autumn.

Participants can enjoy: Blossoms all around, inviting places to sit and swing, fun decorative elements, and a garden pavilion. They are invited to learn about herbs and medicinal plants and process them into aromatic delicacies.

Roses are considered a symbol of purity, love and wealth. They captivate with beauty, coloring and wonderful compositions of fragrances. Countless poems, songs, anecdotes, fairy tales, sayings, stories entwine around the proud garden diva – in addition a small excursion into the rose folklore.

Every year, the Damascus rose "Isfahans" beguiles the garden owner Annette Tessaro with its intense fragrance. The participants prepare a rose blossom syrup from it and taste it.


Garden from Annette Tessaro

Peralohstr. 10
81737 München

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Evangelisches Bildungswerk München e.V.

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Damascus rose flowers
Damascus Rose © Annette Tessaro


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