Installation in the garden of the Atelierhaus


A walk-in installation
The joint work of the Atelierhaus Germering invites the public to engage with the topic of sustainability.
until 01.10.2023today: closed  

Exhibition, Garden & Park
Studio House "Alte Schule" Germering
Studio house „Alte Schule“ Germering

"Through the Flower" is the title of the walk-in installation that awaits visitors in the garden of the Atelierhaus Germering. The work is two meters high and two meters wide. Superficially, "Through the Flower" serves as a striking description of the way through the work of art. Furthermore, the common phrase stands for the intention with which the participating artists would like to invite visitors to engage with the theme of "sustainability".

This collective work does not make a dogmatic statement. Rather, it deals with the complexity of the problem of wanting to behave in a consistently sustainable way in everyday life.

Questions arise, some of which remain unanswered, and thus stimulate "unblinded" discourse or reflection.


Studio House "Alte Schule" Germering

Salzstr. 27
82110 Germering



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Studio house „Alte Schule“ Germering


This event is free of charge.

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    30.09. – 01.10.2023

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    Saturday until Sunday: 14:00 - 18:00

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Installation in the garden of the Atelierhaus
Installation in the garden of the Atelierhaus © Gerhard Baumgärtner, Alwin Hoefelmayr
Germering studio house
Germering studio house © Gerhard Baumgärtner


Studio house „Alte Schule“ Germering

The studio community with twelve studios is located in a former schoolhouse built in 1910 in Art Nouveau style in Germering with a beautiful park-like garden. The artists offer a wide range of different works from painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking.