nature in the city


Wildflower Meadows in the Garden Monument English Garden

A project for the promotion of biodiversity
Species-rich flowering meadows to improve the landscape as well as the quality of life for people, animals and plants in the English Garden
until 07.10.2023

Garden & Park
Schönfeld meadow in the southern part of the English Garden
Bavarian Administration of Palaces, Gardens and Lakes


Rush of colors and dreams of flowers
Concentrated creativity of arts and crafts from jewellery to textiles, from ceramics to glass. A Garden of Eden in the middle of the city.
until 08.07.2023today: 10:00 - 18:00  

Exhibition, Guided tours
Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein

Artproject Hortusurbis

A live painting action in public space
For twelve days, the artist Martin Blumöhr lets a grotesquely enchanted city garden grow on canvas.
01.06.2023, 11:00 – 17:00 weitere Termine vorhanden

Exhibition, Other

Next Events

The Secret Garden

Flower workshop for children
Johanna Eder invites you to discover with all senses the art works of the exhibition "Rosa Immergruen".
15:00 weitere Termine vorhanden

Workshop, Children & Youth, Exhibition
DG Kunstraum

Theater Camp

A Westwind project for teenager
Playing theater during the pentecost vacations we discover the power of movement, voice, light and music – culture creates fertile soil.
29.05.2023, 10:00 weitere Termine vorhanden

Children & Youth, Theatre & Dance, Workshop
ubo9 Kulturzentrum
Bayerische Staatsoper

Flowers Forever - Flowers in art and culture

Guided tour through the Exhibition
A fascinating and elaborately staged exhibition, dedicated to the art and cultural history of the flower from antiquity to the present.
29.05.2023, 15:30 weitere Termine vorhanden

Guided tours
Kunsthalle München
Münchner Volkshochschule

Citizen's Choir

Weekly commun singing in Freiham
Singing in the choir and culture connect and create encounter – Culture creates fertile soil.
29.05.2023, 19:30 weitere Termine vorhanden

Genossenschaftsraum Progeno
Bayerische Staatsoper

The Festival

Munich in a floral frenzy. And that for nine months. Indoors and outdoors. In parks and gardens, but also surprisingly and differently. On asphalt squares and canvases, in art spaces, lecture halls and restaurants. Theatrically, musically and literarily. And much more. With hundreds of actors.

Everything revolves around the flower. Its aesthetics. Its sustainability. Its science. It is artistic and natural, fascinating and versatile. As multifaceted as the urban society that participates in the festival in the most diverse areas. Munich celebrates.

Celebrate with us.

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The Initiators

BIOTOPIA – Naturkundemuseum Bayern
Botanischer Garten München-Nymphenburg
Kunsthalle München


Beisheim Stiftung
Edith-Haberland-Wagner Stiftung
Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung

Climate partner

Stadtsparkasse München
Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung



Media partner

Claudine liebt Kunst
in München

Trading partner

Pflanzen Kölle

Cultural partner