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Green instead of grey

A garden in the middle of Odeonsplatz? It's possible! The team of the Kirchheim 2024 Regional Garden Show will realise this beautiful illusion on a weekend in July and whet people's appetites for the event in 2024 at the gates of the big city. Together with the Verband Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau Bayern e.V. (Bavarian Garden, Landscape and Sports Ground Construction Association) and Knittel Gartengestaltung from Weilheim, a "green space" is to be created, with a garden lounge to chill out in, raised beds and potted plants and lots of information.

Gardening in the middle of Munich

Mobile gardening in boxes and tubs, on the balcony or the smallest area in front of the front door, is in vogue. You can get ideas for this at the Urban Garden of the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry in Munich's Galeriestraße. Next year, a mobile show garden will be set up in the immediate vicinity of the Hofgarten, and numerous events will be held here during the Flower Power Festival. Because even in the city, you don't have to do without home-grown lettuce, your own strawberries, fresh tomatoes from the bush or even potatoes.

Green in art

The artists' group "QuARTs" from the southern district of Munich is also preparing for the Flower Power Festival. They are planning an exhibition at Oberhaching Town Hall from 23.4 to 19.5.2023. They are artistically concerned with greening facades and roofs, but also with greening interiors. With the help of sculptures and installations, they also want to address issues such as environmental destruction, climate change, pesticides, monocultures, but also an improved quality of life in the city.


"Flores y mujeres" at the Buchheim Museum

Dealing with the theme of women and art in paintings by the expressive realists. On view until 26.3.2023 at the Buchheim Museum in Bernried.
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Agnes Trick

Fragile handicraft

How 200 000 dried flowers are tied into an art installation by Rebecca Louise Law in a disused swimming pool in Munich.