Citizens' Initiative Mehr Platz zum Leben

The citizens' initiative "Mehr Platz zum Leben" has transformed the disused bus stop 58 from an asphalt wasteland into a creative green meeting place with tree planting, mini-gardens, a planted fountain of happiness and a vodoo shrine. It serves as a field of experimentation for various artists. The sculpture park and the graffiti-designed bridge pillars are constantly being expanded with new works.

Past events from this partner


On the Day of Neighbours
Everyone is invited to discover the new artworks and installations under the bridge and to take part in the various activities.
26.05.2023, 15:00

Party, Exhibition, Workshop
Stop 58
Citizens' Initiative Mehr Platz zum Leben

Interim use in Hebestreitstraße

Botanisation Group

with Christopher Griebel
Together, the participants walk across the grounds and discover what is now flowering and where buds and leaves are emerging.
08.07.2023, 11:00

Guided tours, Garden & Park, Workshop
In the White Jurte
Citizens' Initiative Mehr Platz zum Leben