Agaschkas Painting

Agaschka´s roots

Creations by Nata Togliatti and Juliane Spaete
The artists present a reflection of flowers from different perspectives.
until 07.05.2023today: 11:30 - 18:30  

Container Collective in Werksviertel – Atelier de Valerie
Curt Wills Foundation

In their joint work, the visual artist Nata Togliatti and the artistic florist Juliane Spaete (Forma Laboratory) relate the exhibition location of the container to one, in which flowers from all over the world are normally shipped to Germany in addition to all kinds of freight – snatched from their homeland to be used for to provide wow moments in the local flower trade for a short time.

The two artists focus on the theme "the woman and the flower", in particular on the flowers that Soviet women once painted on the famous Gjelsk porcelain, which from there conquered the world: the so-called Agashkas. Togliatti's painting of blue blossoms on packaging combines with Spaete's wire and blossom installations to form a common statement, which not least refers to being torn from the place one calls home.


Container Collective in Werksviertel – Atelier de Valerie

Atelierstr. 4
81671 München

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Agaschkas Painting
Agaschkas Painting © Nata Togliatti


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