Munich Olympic Stadium

Architecture in harmony with nature

Online lecture with Dr. Kaija Voss
The lecture addresses the questions: How does architecture fit sustainably into the environment? How can it succeed in harmony with nature?
20.06.2023, 19:30

Literature & knowledge, Other
vhs Gröbenzell e.V.

Much has happened in the aesthetics of architecture in recent decades. But in addition to the discussion of style, the question currently being asked is: How can building succeed in harmony with nature? How can architecture be sustainably integrated into the environment? To answer this question, it is helpful to take a look at past and present, for example at the buildings of Antoni Gaudi or the Munich Olympic Stadium by Günther Behnisch and Frei Otto. These and others tried and still try, in very different ways, to place architecture in harmony with nature.


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Munich Olympic Stadium
Munich Olympic Stadium © Pexels


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