Eine überdimensionale Blume wächst auf einer Hauswand und umrankt die Fenster des Gebäudes.

Art project Hortusurbis

Martin Blumöhr
An oversized art project is created live at three locations in the city – urban wild growth of a special kind.
until 14.09.2023today: closed  

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Bavarian State Archaeological Collection
Archaeological State Collection

The Munich artist Martin Blumöhr designs art projects as urban wild growth. His large-format murals can be found almost everywhere in Munich. As part of the festival, the artist is letting a grotesquely enchanted urban garden grow up. At three different locations in the city in the 5 Höfe, in HP8 and in front of the Archäologische Staatssammlung he lets the surroundings have an effect on him and makes reference to the individual institutions. The artist stops in front of the Archäologische Staatssammlung, which will shine in new splendor in 2024. Future archaeological exhibition objects will blossom in the painting and invite viewers on a journey back into the past of human existence. Those interested in art can look over the artist's shoulder as he paints and contribute ideas that may even flow in spontaneously. The result will be a special kind of urban wild growth.


Bavarian State Archaeological Collection

at the corner Lerchenfeld-/Seeaustreet, directely in front of the building

Lerchenfeldstr. 2
80538 München

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Archaeological State Collection

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    12.09. – 14.09.2023

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    Tuesday until Thursday: 10:00 - 17:00

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Eine überdimensionale Blume wächst auf einer Hauswand und umrankt die Fenster des Gebäudes.
Art project „Permanus“ © Martin Blumöhr
Ein abstraktes Bild, bei dem ein Zander aus einem Augenmeer springt, umrankt von Blumen.
Art project rabbit hole (fish-detail) © Martin Blumöhr
Der Künstler Martin Blumöhr mit lustigem Blick
Artist Martin Blumöhr from Munich © Martin Blumöhr
A picture showing the new building of the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection
The new building of the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection 2024 © Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, Madrid/Berlin


Archaeological State Collection

Founded back in 1885, the Munich-based Archaeological State Collection has five departments: Prehistory, Roman Period, Middle Ages and Modern Times, the Mediterranean Collection and Numismatics. Currently, the building is closed for extensive general renovation. Until the museum reopens in 2024, the rich collections of archaeological finds from all over Bavaria will be stored in depots until some of them are moved to the new permanent exhibition. Visitors will then be able to immerse themselves in the experience of archaeology and thus also in the history of the development of mankind by means of different thematic focuses and objects.