@Lu Mazen: Wayside Flowers, 2023

Exhibition Opening Teleportal: Munich Calling

Passionate visual stories from a global artist collective
20 artists play a visual whisper game with surprise result. At first, there were flowers on the way.
01.07.2023, 18:00

Exhibition, Party
Donnerwieblitz window gallery
Teleportal Collective goes Donner, wie Blitz

After the first exhibition in New York City in 2022, the artist collective Teleportal is proud to present its third exhibition now in Munich. It is the result of a visual game of telephone in which one artist after the other participates:

The initial image is deeply rooted in the history of the exhibition venue. The road used to be a simple farm track leading from the village to Sunday church, with many seasonal flowers along the way. Today it is a suburb and the rural path has become a wide road. After a period of decay, the area is now becoming green and residential again, with flower tubs in the windows and small front gardens.

TELEPHONE begins as a visual interpretation of a children's game called "telephone". A single image is passed from one artist to the next, allowing for changes and interpretations of the image(s) along the way. The participating artists try to capture what they see in the image they receive and then shape their own visual response so that some elements of what they originally received can be passed on. While each artist is only aware of the image that preceded theirs, the end result is a body of work that includes visual interpretations of all: The original image ends up being transformed into something completely different.

Participating artists: Raquel Adler, Tamera Bedford, Marisa Bernotti, Heather Brammeier, Carol Chediak, Joe Cimino, Felipe Góes, Susanne Goetz (invited artist) Nina Gospodin, Janet Lee, Libe, Linda Marcus, Lu Mazen, Gerlinde Miesenboeck (invited artist) Zoë Elena Moldenhauer, JP Morrison Lans, Deborah Schoen, Janice Sztabnik, Carol Updegrave and Albert Abdul-Barr Wang.


Donnerwieblitz window gallery

Donnersbergerstr. 20a
80634 München-Neuhausen

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Teleportal Collective goes Donner, wie Blitz

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@Lu Mazen: Wayside Flowers, 2023
@Lu Mazen: Wayside Flowers, 2023 © Lu Mazen
@Lu Mazen: Wayside Flowers
@Lu Mazen: Wayside Flowers © Lu Mazen


Teleportal Collective goes Donner, wie Blitz

TELEPORTAL is an international group of professional artists working virtually. Founded in 2021 through a residency programme at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, New York, the group shows visual stories about society, relationships, identity or memory, told through diverse cultural lenses, in paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, interactive installations and sculptures.