Artwork by Simone Drentwett


Thematic show by contemporary artists
More than 20 visual artists show works from the fields of painting, graphics, photography, installation or sculpture.
until 17.09.2023today: closed  

Kunsttreff in Moosach
Kunstrefugium e.V.

The Floralia themed exhibition by the artists' association Kunstrefugium e.V. offers a wide range of artistic works to discover. More than 20 contemporary artists from the fields of painting, photography, graphic art and sculpture focus on flowers and plants in their works. In addition, the results of an international mail art project are integrated into this exhibition. Kunstrefugium has invited artists from all over the world to send in artistically designed postcards. These postcards can not only be admired in the Kunstreff, but also purchased for a small donation to the Green City e.V. association, which campaigns for a green, liveable, but sustainable Munich.


Kunsttreff in Moosach

Donauwörther Str. 51
80997 München

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    Yes, only drinks



This event is free of charge.

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  • Zeitraum:

    08.09. – 17.09.2023

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    Thursday until Sunday: 15:00 - 19:00

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Artwork by Simone Drentwett
Artwork by Simone Drentwett © Simone Drentwett
Artwork by Petra Aleweld
Artwork by Petra Aleweld © Petra Aleweld
Sculpture by Angela Eberhard
Sculpture by Angela Eberhard © Angela Eberhard
Kunsttreff in Moosach
Kunsttreff in Moosach © Ingrid Müller


Kunstrefugium e.V.

Kunstrefugium e.V. is a supra-regional artists' association in which visual artists – painters, graphic artists, sculptors, photographers – have joined forces for joint actions and projects.

Since 2019, Kunstrefugium e.V. is the sponsor behind the Kunsttreff Moosach, a producer gallery where artists of various coleur can present themselves.