Roman snail

Garden nemesis – Snails in a different light

What is the importance of the unloved snails?
Everything in nature has a task and relevance. Snails in particular are celebrated by the scientist for their abilities.
05.07.2023, 17:00

Literature & knowledge
Munich Public Library

What value can snails possibly have? Susanne Wedlich, a science journalist, takes a closer look at these little animals, which are often deeply hated by gardeners, and even celebrates them. In this lecture, she succeeds in opening up a new perspective on the unloved co-inhabitants in the garden. After the lecture, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

In her thematic magazine "Schleimwelten" (Slime Worlds), Susanne Wedlich devotes herself to topics that only disgust others. In doing so, she highlights the relevance of the supposedly ugly when everything in nature has a task and a meaning.



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Roman snail
Roman snail © azeret33 bei Pixabay
Susanne Wedlich
Susanne Wedlich © privat


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