Wagnis 4 green roof

Green roof planned and implemented correctly

Online lecture by Wolfgang Heidenreich
Green roofs are increasingly important, especially in densely built-up cities, in order to adapt to the consequences of climate change.
17.05.2023, 18:30

Literature & knowledge
Green City e.V.

Green roofs, whether slightly inclined or flat, are particularly suitable for increasing biodiversity in the city, where they provide a protected habitat for plants and animals. Further advantages are protection of the roof sealing, rainwater storage, thermal insulation and fine dust binding. Under certain conditions, even subsequent greening is possible. The online lecture addresses the following questions, among others: How does one go about planning a green roof? What needs to be considered? Where can individuals get support? What can be done yourself and when are professionals needed? Are there subsidies for green roofs in Munich?


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Wagnis 4 green roof
Wagnis 4 green roof © Green City e.V.


Green City e.V.

The Green City e.V. was found in 1990 as a nonprofit organization. Today it represents one of the largest environmental organisations in Munich. With greening, redistribution of street space, sustainable mobility and educational offers the association is committed to climate protection. The aim is to reduce motorized private transport and climate-damaging gases and to make the city greener and more liveable.