Cooking with Bavarian power food

Taste local products and discover agriculture
Countrywomen cook their favorite menu with millet, spelt, lentils & Co.

Food & Gastronomy, Workshop
F.S. Kustermann
Unsere Bayerischen Bauern e.V.

Good things are often so close – because regionality is sustainability in action. With its proximity to nature, Bavarian agriculture fits perfectly into the framework of the Flower Power Festival and also has a lot of power to offer.

Our Bavarian farmers, in cooperation with the traditional house Kustermann, invite you to discover regional diversity. Rural women will prepare three different dishes with the Bavarian power foods millet, spelt and lentils and invite you to taste them and talk to agricultural experts – no question will remain unanswered.


F.S. Kustermann

Entrance "Rindermarkt", 2nd floor

Viktualienmarkt 8
80331 München

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The association "Unsere Bayerischen Bauern e.V." was founded in 2016. Its primary goal is to raise awareness and appreciation of Bavarian agriculture and its high-quality products. In addition, its importance for the security of supply as well as for the preservation and maintenance of the grown and livable Bavarian cultural landscape should also be made clear.