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Konza Works on Paper

Created in the performances of Erin Wiersma
In her works on paper, the elements of nature – wind, temperature and humidity – give rise to something utterly present.
until 28.07.2023today: 13:00 - 18:00  

Gallery Fenna Wehlau

Erin Wiersma's "Konza Works on Paper" originate during a targeted burn in the Konza Prairie (Kansas). Close to the fire and on the traces of the former waterways, she works in a performance with the easily combustible material paper. The artist herself is the medium that creates something completely new and present, taking into account the natural elements of wind, temperature and humidity. Equally decisive for the aggregate state of each of her artworks is the factor of time, the scheduling of the fires in the respective regions. Erin Wiersma's artistic practice is born out of an interest in the history of the prairie as a place of its former inhabitants, its flora and fauna, and an expression of a deep connection to this landscape.


Gallery Fenna Wehlau

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    26.05. – 28.07.2023

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Work in progress
Work in progress © Erin Wiersma
Transect 2021 312 FB (Windshift I)
Transect 2021 312 FB (Windshift I) © Erin Wiersma
"Ich zeichne die Zeit, Du malst den Moment" by Ulrike Seyboth and Ingo Fröhlich at Gallery Fenna Wehlau
"Ich zeichne die Zeit, Du malst den Moment" by Ulrike Seyboth and Ingo Fröhlich at Gallery Fenna Wehlau © Linda Nau Fotografie


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