Mentha spicata 'Englische Grüne'

Mint Days

Mints for every purpose
From Wednesday to Saturday, everything is about the different species and varieties of true mint in the nursery.

Garden & Park, Workshop, Exhibition
Staudengärtnerei Extragrün

Peppermint, spearmint or strawberry mint – the species and varieties of true mint are as diverse as its uses are manifold. Whether it is a dessert, tea or a refreshing foot bath – there is a mint for every purpose. With their aromatic, mood-improving fragrance mints are effective energizers as well as soothing comforters.

The nursery team is going to present some must-have varieties on three days and will advise on the cultivation and use of true mint.

On Friday, 9 June, there will be a lecture about "Mints for every purpose" of mint at 17:00, it will take you into the aromatic world of mints. There will also be small samples.


Staudengärtnerei Extragrün

Am Anger 6
85356 Freising

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Staudengärtnerei Extragrün
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Mentha spicata 'Englische Grüne'
Mentha spicata 'Englische Grüne' © Staudengärtnerei Extragrün
View into the perennial quarters
View into the perennial quarters © Staudengärtnerei Extragrün


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