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The days of action provide answers to major questions about the future.

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Deutsches Museum Traffic Center
i!bk Ideenwerkstatt für Bildung und Kommunikation

Bright prospects for an adventure through the fascinating worlds of science and research, STEM and more. Discover what makes the world go round. Learn first-hand where the journey is headed in science, business, technology and the world of work, medicine, politics, society, education, art and culture.

Participants can look forward to inspiring encounters, lectures and discussions with top-class experts. They will experience the fun of participating and doing it themselves, be inspired by exciting experiments and workshops, by insights and outlooks on future-oriented developments.

In May 2023, knowledge seekers, young and young-at-heart tinkerers and researchers who love to experiment and discuss will finally have to roll up their sleeves again, join in the conversation, ask questions, try things out, get to the bottom of things themselves, and explore their own talents and personal prospects for the future.


Deutsches Museum Traffic Center

Bavariapark 5
80339 München

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i!bk Ideenwerkstatt für Bildung und Kommunikation
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This event is free of charge.

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i!bk Ideenwerkstatt für Bildung und Kommunikation

"Inspire instead of instruct" – according to this principle, communication experts, educators and scientists of i!bk design and implement experience- and action-oriented teaching modules as well as sophisticated edutainment concepts, events, trade fairs or competitions for environmental education and the transfer of competencies, especially in the MINT area.