Flower meadow

Mythology and symbolism of plants

After a short introduction, the listeners will be introduced to some plants, their signature, nature and stories from mythology.
21.03.2023, 19:30

Literature & knowledge, Other
Volkshochschule Gröbenzell
vhs Gröbenzell e.V.

Plants form the basis of human life in every respect: they convert the energy of the sun as well as the minerals of the earth and make them available for him. The healing properties of many plants have been known to man for centuries, showing amazing similarities between the knowledge of the ancestors and today's "proven" knowledge. After a short introduction to this topic, some plants, their signature, essence and stories from mythology will be presented.


Volkshochschule Gröbenzell

Bürgerhaus (Community center), club room 1

Rathausstr. 1
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Flower meadow
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