Gerhard Baumgärtner, "The time before things", Acrylic 70 x 50 cm

Open Studio Days

Painting – Sculpture – Reading – Live Music
The artists show their works on the Flower Power Festival and other works in their studios for two days.
until 01.10.2023today: closed  

Exhibition, Literature & knowledge
Studio House "Alte Schule" Germering
Studio house „Alte Schule“ Germering

At the Open Studio Days, the Germering Art Circle shows paintings and sculptures. The exhibiting artists are: Gerhard Baumgärtner (painting), Michael Glatzel (sculptures), Alwin Hoefelmayr (painting), Sandra Holzmann (painting), Andrea Manhardt (painting), Elsa Sophia Nietmann (sculpture), Klaus von Saalfeld (painting), Brian Whitehead (stone sculptures and jewelry), Irene Wührl-Petry (collages and material pictures), Art circle Germering and as a guest Lisa Hutter Schwahn (painting and installation).

On Saturday, September 30, at 3:30 p.m., Germering's Third Mayor Sophie Schuhmacher will open the Atelier Days. In addition, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Nicola Scheifele, Marion Liedtke and Angelika Hein will read short stories under the motto "Women's Power for Flower Power".

On Sunday, October 1 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm, visitors can expect live music with the band Tie Break, jazz songs, swing and Latin classics.


Studio House "Alte Schule" Germering

Salzstr. 27
82110 Germering



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Studio house „Alte Schule“ Germering


This event is free of charge.

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    30.09. – 01.10.2023

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    Saturday until Sunday: 14:00 - 18:00

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Gerhard Baumgärtner, "The time before things", Acrylic 70 x 50 cm
Gerhard Baumgärtner, "The time before things", Acrylic 70 x 50 cm © Gerhard Baumgärtner
Germering studio house
Germering studio house © Gerhard Baumgärtner


Studio house „Alte Schule“ Germering

The studio community with twelve studios is located in a former schoolhouse built in 1910 in Art Nouveau style in Germering with a beautiful park-like garden. The artists offer a wide range of different works from painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking.