Flower ointments

Natural cosmetics workshop: homemade ointments and hand soap

Homemade healing and beneficial creams
Flower products are created under professional guidance.

Workshop, Garden & Park
Common room GBS 14, Ackermannbogen
Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro

We use the healing properties of dandelion, daisy and marigold to make care products from the traditional green pharmacy. Thanks to simple recipes, our ointments and soaps made from flowers are ready in no time. Guaranteed without preservatives, palm oil or microplastics - gentle on our health and the environment! Recipes to take home.

Speaker: Alicia Bilang, Herbal Educator


Common room GBS 14, Ackermannbogen

Georg-Birk-Str. 14
80797 München



Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro

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Start: 15.03.23

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  • Event duration:

    19:00 – 21:00

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  • Age recommendation:

    From 12 years

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Flower ointments
Flower ointments © Alicia Bilang
Flower soaps
Flower soaps © Alicia Bilang
Flowers for further processing
Flowers for further processing © Konrad Bucher


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