Woman drawing

Plants, flowers, trees

Drawing course for beginners
Detailed observations of plants, drawing and shading plants with the lead pencil are the main focus.

Volkshochschule Gröbenzell
vhs Gröbenzell e.V.

Everyone can learn to draw! Participants practise observing details, drawing and shading with a pencil. All this and a little perspective will lead to artistic success. The motifs used in this course are plants, flowers and trees, i.e. all the beauty of nature. It is well known that creativity promotes a feeling of happiness – included in this four-part course!

Please bring along: Pencils of different thicknesses, eraser, sharpener, paper, also coloured pencils.


Volkshochschule Gröbenzell

Bürgerhaus (Community center), workroom 1

Rathausstr. 1
82194 Gröbenzell

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36,00 €

The course consists of four dates that can only be booked together.

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    From 15 years

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Woman drawing
Woman drawing © Pexels


vhs Gröbenzell e.V.

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