Vernissage platon*ic

Installation by Sergio Pannella
Nature and your forms: Platonic bodies reflect films on a 3D object. An immersive experience in space.
03.02.2023, 17:00

Exhibition, Film, Party
SchauRaum in Ackermannbogen
Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro

SchauRaum im Ackermannbogen invites you to opening of the exhibition "Platon*ic", an installation by Sergio Pannella.

Nature and its forms as a source of inspiration: formed from Platonic bodies, a filigree mirroring 3D object in the SchauRaum reflects a series of films. Together with sound, the surfaces of the sculpture create an immersive experience in the space.

Video and music: Valentin Klose Pannella

Technical support: Elias Durst

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SchauRaum in Ackermannbogen

Back building on the footpath

Therese-Studer-Str. 9
80797 München

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Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro
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platon*ic © Sergio Panella


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