Floribunda 'Sweet Pretty'

Rosy Friday

Theme day with a lecture at 4 p.m.
This day is all about the queen of ornamental plants and the go-to companion perennials to harmoniously complement any rose.
16.06.2023, 09:00

Garden & Park, Workshop, Exhibition
Staudengärtnerei Extragrün

A small selection of shrub roses will be available at the nursery. A few pre-selected combinations of roses and perennials will be presented ready to go, but of course customers are also welcome to find their own individual combinations. The nursery team will present their favourite roses and provide information about planting and care.

Lecture at 4 p.m on the topic "Combining roses and perennials":
The lecture will touch on the various types of roses and include recomendations on some garden worthy varieties. Attendees will learn about selecting the right place and preparing the groud pre-planting as well as the challenges that come with some popular combinations like shrub rose and lavender or climbing rose and clematis. And of course there will be time for questions.


Staudengärtnerei Extragrün

Am Anger 6
85356 Freising

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Staudengärtnerei Extragrün

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This event is free of charge.

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Floribunda 'Sweet Pretty'
Floribunda 'Sweet Pretty' © Staudengärtnerei Extragrün
View into the perennial quarters
View into the perennial quarters © Staudengärtnerei Extragrün


Staudengärtnerei Extragrün

On the outskirts of Freising, an assortment of over 2000 species and varieties is cultivated in the Staudengärtnerei Extragrün: Flowering perennials such as daylilies and peonies, foliage ornamentals, grasses, ferns, prairie perennials, perennial herbs, water plants, native wild perennials and rarities. The perennials are hardy and insect-friendly – expert advice is also available.