Society and Flower Power of the 60s/70s

First Open Talk about the Era
Why did the movement come into being? The artist goes in search of the political and social background.
31.08.2023, 19:00

Literature & knowledge, Exhibition
Atelier Margret Kube
Margret Kube

The movement of the 60s was an anti-war and civil rights movement, against the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the establishment, for peace and non-violence. This first evening will focus on an interactive discussion on the history and background of the beginning Flower Power era between participants and contemporary witnesses.

Moderation Dr. Matthias Hofmann, initiative lecture Gerhard Lassen


Common and different aspects of the eponym Flower Power of the 60s/70s are the focus of Margret Kube's work. In her work, the artist is concerned with backgrounds, borders, nature and the environment, coming to terms with her own history, her childhood and youth in the GDR. Her working materials include acrylic and oil paints, canvas, old textiles that are unraveled and sewn back together, wood, homemade papier-mache or paper.

The exhibition and the associated events are supported by the District Committee 9 of the City of Munich.


Atelier Margret Kube

Ground Floor

Klarastr. 1, Rückgebäude
80636 Muenchen

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Studio Margret Kube
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Margret Kube

The spacious studio of the artist Margret Kube is located in Munich Neuhausen. Common and different to the namesake Flower Power of the 60/70s are the focus of the works. Talks about art u. Science, an exhibition take place in this framework. The exhibition and the associated events are sponsored by the District Committee 9 of the City of Munich.