Boandlkramer and Brandnerkasper

The Brandner Kasper and the Garden of Paradise

Puppet show after Kobell by and with Kasperls Spuikastl
Even as a hand puppet, Brandner Kasper outwits death with "Kerschgeist". And yet he reaches paradise, a very special garden.
17.02.2023, 19:00

Theatre & Dance
Mohr-Villa Freimann
Mohr-Villa Freimann e.V.

The character of Brandner Kasper goes back to a story by Franz von Kobell, which was published in 1871 in the weekly magazine "Fliegende Blätter". This original version of "Brandner Kasper" has been adapted several times for theatre and film and is still regularly performed on stage today. The audience loves this play in which Brandner Kasper cheats Death.

Indispensable is the "Kerschgeist" (cherry brandy), who enables the Brandner to trick Death in a card game and thus wrest more years of life from him. But the happy ending in paradise is just as much a part of the story. Culturally, our idea of paradise is closely linked to the image of a garden. The garden also plays a central role in the new puppet show by Kasperls Spuikastl: the garden that Brandner's deceased wife planted, the cherry tree in the garden that provides the cherries for the "Kerschgeist", and the garden of paradise where Brandner happily meets his wife again at the end.


Mohr-Villa Freimann

Vaulted Hall (Gewölbesaal), Situlistr. 75

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    19:00 – 20:15

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    Puppet show: approx. 60 minutes

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Boandlkramer and Brandnerkasper
Boandlkramer and Brandner Kasper © Kasperls Spuikastl
Boandlkramer - The "Grim Reaper" in the story of the Brandner Kasper
Boandlkramer – that ist the name of "Grim Reaper" in the story of the "Brandner Kasper" © Kasperls Spuikastl
Kasperls Spuikastl - puppet theater
Kasperls Spuikastl - puppet theater © Kasperls Spuikastl
Mohr-Villa in the light
Mohr-Villa in the light © Mohr-Villa Freimann


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