Workshop Cyanotypie

With Ruth Mahla, the artist of the exhibition "Blue Flower".
The participants can try out the exciting photo-development process of cyanotype.

SchauRaum in Ackermannbogen
Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro

Accompanying the exhibition "Blaue Blume" ("Blue Flower") in the SchauRaum at the Ackermannbogen, you can try out the process of cyanotype yourself in the workshop. Participants will learn to create a photogram in bright Prussian blue.

Those who would like to deepen their knowledge will have the opportunity on a second date to to print their own photo in blue on handmade paper. Those who wish can exhibit their work as part of the exhibition "The growing SchauRaum" on June 16, 2023.


SchauRaum in Ackermannbogen

Entrance at the back building by the bicycle path

Therese-Studer-Str. 9
80797 München

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Ackermannbogen e.V./KulturBüro
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Start: 03.02.23

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© Ruth Mahla
Photo from the exhibition "Blue flower" with the process of cyanotype
Photo from the exhibition "Blue flower" with the process of cyanotype © Ruth Mahla


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