„Blühende Bänder“ Kreillerstraße

How to become a blooming steward

Volunteers needed for flowering areas
The research project "Blühende Bänder" is coming to an end and now new blooming stewards are wanted to continue the bloom in the future.
23.03.2023, 18:00

Green City e.V.

In the course of the „Blühende Bänder“ research project, the Technische Universität München (TUM) and Green City created near-natural flowering areas at various locations in the city. In order for these areas to remain in the long term, new blooming stewards are wanted who would like to take care for them.

What do blooming sponsors (Blüh-Pat:innen) do?

They take care of the maintenance of the area. Therefore they get a mowing workshop so that they can mow their area safely with a hand scythe. The sponsors create and maintain valuable habitat for native insects and exchange ideas with other wild bee fans.

In a Info-workshop on March 23rd Green City will show how the sponsorship actually works. TUM doctoral student Simon Dietzel, the project partner, will spaek as a guest. He will inform about the research results and explain which plants and insects can already be found on the areas.


Green City e.V.

at Lindwurmhof – 2. Staircase in the inner courtyard

Lindwurmstr. 88
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Please register with your desired location in advance at garteln@greencity.de.
The locations are listed under Blühflächen „Blühende Bänder“

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„Blühende Bänder“ Kreillerstraße
„Blühende Bänder“ Kreillerstraße © Green City e.V.
Lindwurmhof © Green City e.V.


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