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The Gasteig HP8 is a magnet for culture enthusiasts and inquisitive minds. Around the year, many thousands of visitors come to Munich's new cultural center in Sendling. Whether for a concert, a language course, to dance or to borrow media. With more than 1,000 events a year, there is something for everyone.

Past events from this partner

Floral patterns created with artificial intelligence.


Interactive art installation
WE ARE VIDEO presents an art installation specially designed for the Flower Power Festival in Halle E.
until 07.10.2023

Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

Music to join in

Der Gasteig brummt! – The Gasteig is Buzzing Again!

Music days for children at Gasteig HP8
The two-day music event with workshops, hands-on activities and mini-concerts also takes up the flower power theme.

Party, Children & Youth, Workshop, Guided tours, Theatre & Dance, Concert & Opera
Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

A bee sits on a yellow flower

A drawing for the Gasteig-Honey

Children's Painting Competition
Bee meets flower: Children are allowed to design the label of the first Gasteig HP8 cultivated honey.
until 31.05.2023

Children & Youth
Gasteig München GmbH

Children paint Easter pictures

Crafts for Easter

Creative ideas for kids
For a whole afternoon, Claudine, Severin and Jan will be making colourful Easter decorations with simple tools.
02.04.2023, 13:00

Children & Youth, Workshop
Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

Tender plants grow in the raised beds of the culture island.

"Isle of Culture" at Gasteig HP8

Oasis on asphalt
The square "Am Kulturkraftwerk" is going green!
until 07.10.2023

Garden & Park
Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

Tender plants grow in the raised beds of the culture island.

Oasis on asphalt

Opening of the Kulturinsel in front of the Gasteig HP8
With jam sessions, live music and a big party, the Gasteig HP8 opens its culture island together with the collective "Die Städtischen".
22.04.2023, 14:00

Party, Garden & Park
Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

The illuminated Hall E is full of dancing people.

The Long Night of Music in Gasteig HP8

Dancing like the flower children
This year the cultural center also presents its own Flower Power stage.
06.05.2023, 20:00

Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

The artwork Fractal Flowers by Miguel Chevalier

Kunsthalle x Miguel Chevalier: Fractal Flowers

Pop-up exhibition at the mcbw art container
The futuristic flower sculptures Fractal Flowers by the Paris based artist focus on the role of nature in the age of the digital.
until 14.05.2023

Gasteig HP8
Kunsthalle München

Planted raised beds in front of Hall E

Plant the Gasteig!

Flower Power Day of Action
The finale of the plant exchange of the city library will be celebrated with hands-on activities, music and flower power.
13.05.2023, 11:00

Party, Food & Gastronomy, Garden & Park, Children & Youth
Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

Facade greening

The Power of Green

Advantages, variants and funding options
As part of the HP8 Flower Power Day of Action Green City e.V. provides information about greening around and on the house.
13.05.2023, 11:30

Gasteig HP8
Green City e.V.

A group of almost undressed dancers on a sheet of green artificial grass


Dance performance by and with Matteo Carvone
An experimental dance project in a former industrial hall deals with the relationship between man and nature.

Theatre & Dance
Gasteig HP8
Gasteig Kulturstiftung

People are sitting at tables in Hall E ans talk

Flower Power: Table Talk

Exciting conversations with strangers are inspired by a flower power question menu – an adventure of storytelling and exchange.

Party, Food & Gastronomy
Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

Lots of people are dancing in Hall E.

Dance the Gasteig

The biggest dance party in town!
There is dancing throughout the Gasteig – this year also to 70s sounds and with flower power.
03.06.2023, 15:00

Party, Theatre & Dance
Gasteig HP8
Gasteig Kulturstiftung

Ausschnit aus dem Werk "Salzstadt (München)" von Martin Blumöhr im Foyer der Telekom an der Marsstraße.

Artproject Hortusurbis

A live painting action in public space
For twelve days, the artist Martin Blumöhr lets a grotesquely enchanted city garden grow on canvas.

Exhibition, Other

folded paper flowers and paper leaves in and on a desk display case

Origami flowers and children's flower make-up

for the city's 865th birthday
Creative flowers are made from paper, faces are painted in bright colours and much more at this two-day festival.

Children & Youth, Workshop, Exhibition
Infopoint Museen & Schlösser in Bayern
Infopoint Museums & Palaces in Bavaria

A colorful jungle of flowers as a mural.

Artproject Hortusurbis

Live art project in public space
Artist Martin Blumöhr lets a grotesquely enchanted city garden grow on canvas.

Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

A florist is working on a bouquet of flowers and balls made of golden metal threads

South Korean floral art

Floral stylists of the asian country exhibit
A flourishing highlight: The visitors can watch live the two-day final examination of Korean florists.

Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH

Eine überdimensionale Blume wächst auf einer Hauswand und umrankt die Fenster des Gebäudes.

Art project Hortusurbis

Martin Blumöhr
An oversized art project is created live at three locations in the city – urban wild growth of a special kind.
until 14.09.2023

Exhibition, Other, Garden & Park
Bavarian State Archaeological Collection
Archaeological State Collection

A young woman creates a floral arrangement on a wreath of twigs.

The Awarding of the "Silver Rose"

Bavarian State Championship of Florists
In the live competition the best florists in Bavaria are chosen.

Gasteig HP8
Gasteig München GmbH