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Joachim Budde

Insect extinction – experts talk

With science journalist Joachim Budde
What are the consequences of insect extinction for us humans? Experts and audience discuss this topic.
26.04.2023, 19:00

Literature & knowledge, Other
Munich Public Library

Green architecture can mitigate the effects of climate change.

Green architecture and green life

Drafting a future scenario for Munich
How does Munich master the challenge of climate change? This is the subjekt of a workshop with Carina Frey and Rainer Kurlemann.
26.06.2023, 18:00

Stadtbibliothek Schwabing
Munich Public Library

EVENT IS CANCELLED "Hooting in the Woods" / "Beaver Country"

Atmospheric narratives of forays through nature
The author Marcus Anhäuser tells of forays through nature and frames the narrative with atmospheric sounds and birdcalls.
30.06.2023, 19:00

Literature & knowledge
Public Library Motorama
Munich Public Library

Roman snail

Garden nemesis – Snails in a different light

What is the importance of the unloved snails?
Everything in nature has a task and relevance. Snails in particular are celebrated by the scientist for their abilities.
05.07.2023, 17:00

Literature & knowledge
Munich Public Library