Paul Diestel, sculpture & Rupert Eder, painting

Their inspiration is nature: Fenna Wehlau shows current works by the two artists.
until 28.07.2023today: 13:00 - 18:00  

Gallery Fenna Wehlau

Unique, organic natural forms are at the heart of Paul Diestel's (*1996) work. His inspiration is nature – that which surrounds the sculptor in his homeland, that which he finds in his immediate vicinity. Beginning with the observation of pine needles, maple seeds, fossils or pupal stages of hawkmoths, he develops independent wooden sculptures, which are then coated with earth, lime and rabbit glue. 

Rupert Eder (*1968) is a painter of powerfully colored oil paintings and watercolors that oscillate between minimalistic and complex forms and structures. He understands painting as a spiritual process that cannot be expressed by anything other than painting itself. He is inspired by observations of light and nature, but also creates in the studio in a limited controllable process of experimentation his color-intensive watercolors. As a result of a so-called erratic coincidence he comes to new and enigmatic image ideas that captivate the viewer.


Gallery Fenna Wehlau

Amalienstr. 24 & 21
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© Rupert Eder, Paul Distel, Erin Wiersma
Rupert Eder, Farbrotor
Rupert Eder, Farbrotor © Rupert Eder
Paul Diestel, ex libris
Paul Diestel, ex libris © Paul Diestel
"Ich zeichne die Zeit, Du malst den Moment" by Ulrike Seyboth and Ingo Fröhlich at Gallery Fenna Wehlau
"Ich zeichne die Zeit, Du malst den Moment" by Ulrike Seyboth and Ingo Fröhlich at Gallery Fenna Wehlau © Linda Nau Fotografie


Gallery Fenna Wehlau

The Fenna Wehlau Gallery presents contemporary abstract art with references to nature, music and poetry. Artists in the genres of painting, drawing, sculpture and textile art are represented. Five to six exhibitions a year are shown in the gallery spaces and Showroom 21, and the accompanying programme includes artist talks and concerts, performances and poetry events.