"Artist A" with "violet" (black eye)

To plant a violet

Art boxing is blossoming
The video installation by Ina Loitzl sends female artists into the ring.
until 29.06.2023

Digital Art Space
Curt Wills Foundation

With her unique mixture of humor and brutal realism, Ina Loitzl sends the character "Artist A" into the ring in her video work. "Artist A" stands pars pro toto for the professional group of women artists. Being artist as is like a boxer fighting her way round after round – a struggle for motivation, for her role as a female artist, for the right assessment of the competition, for existence as a small part of an unmanageable market. "Artist A" accepts defeats like victories, but like the boxer, she always has a "violet" (black eye).

Also in the ring of the digital art space: the prominent opponents of the global art business. And Ina Loitzl's international fellow campaigners: Josephine Kaiser, Patricia Lincke, Barbara Philipp, Penelope Richardson.


Digital Art Space

Amalienstr. 14
80333 München

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    15.06. – 29.06.2023

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    Opening hours only by appointment, please contact mail@karin.wimmer.com.

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"Artist A" with "violet" (black eye)
"Artist A" with "violet" (black eye) © Ina Loitzl


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