Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Explore Life! The Naturkundemuseum Bayern is being built in Munich-Nymphenburg as a 21st century life sciences museum and future forum for science communication. It will expand and reinvent the existing Museum Mensch und Natur. The BIOTOPIA Lab in the Botanical Garden, various festivals and events already give a first impression of BIOTOPIAs vision!

Past events from this partner

Landscapce with flowers: Visualisation of the habitat of the extinct plant

Resurrecting The Sublime

Art meets Biology
The smell of extinction: This installation brings the scent of a long-extinct plant to life ...
until 31.05.2023

Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Butterfly flies towards flower

Insect flight with VR glasses

Virtual short flight with "Birdly"
Use insect senses like a butterfly and explore an ecosystem with plants, insects, birds, snails and mammals.
until 07.10.2023

Exhibition, Literature & knowledge, Children & Youth, Workshop
Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Children microscoping and doing experiments in the BIOTOPIA Lab

Hands-on science

Open programmes to join in
During the free workshops young scientists work with edible flowers, explore the biodiversity of algae under a microscope and much more.
until 07.10.2023

Exhibition, Children & Youth, Literature & knowledge, Guided tours, Workshop
Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Flower in the dawn

Focus on Nature – Special Exhibition

The winning pictures of the photo competition
Colourful blooming areas, overgrown corners with an astonishing abundance of species – this exhibition captures Bavaria's nature in photos!
until 11.06.2023

Exhibition, Children & Youth
Museum Man and Nature
Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Archive winner 2nd place 2020: Franz Günther with a flower picture

Focus on Nature – Photo competition

Hands-on activity for children
Fancy a photo safari? Children and young people from Bavaria between the ages of 7 and 18 are invited to take part in "Nature in Focus".
until 30.09.2023

Children & Youth, Garden & Park, Workshop
Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Sonic Feather – Sound Art Feature in the Dawn Chorus App

Dawn Chorus

Citizen Science and Arts Project
Give nature a voice and record the bird concert in the early morning hours for biodiversity research.
until 31.05.2023

Children & Youth, Workshop, Literature & knowledge
Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Visitors create their own fragrances in the smell lab with pipettes and instruments

The smell lab

Drop in offer to join in
Make your own flower perfume: the "Flower Power Special" programme has invited a real olfactory artist ...

Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Detail from the video "A Gift from Him" by Maximilian Prüfer

Yellow, not gold

Art and Apiculture in the City
Five artistic positions present interfaces of art and beekeeping from a lively perspective.
until 07.07.2023

ERES Projects
ERES Foundation

Butterflies - Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns

Pollinators – nature's little heroes

Pop-up exhibition
How does pollination work? What role do bees, butterflies and co. play in it? And what is the impact of species extinction?
until 31.12.2023

Exhibition, Workshop, Literature & knowledge
Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Phytography experiment with plants and flowers by Karel Doing

Phytography workshop

Plant chemistry meets photo art
Making your own works of plant art: This is how the delicate structures of flowers and leaves become visible ...

Workshop, Literature & knowledge, Garden & Park
Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Drawing of a plant with stereo magnifier

Drawing flowers with the stereo magnifier

Getting creative with art and science
Observing flowers and putting them on paper: In this course, delicate stamens and much more will be sketched ...

Workshop, Literature & knowledge, Garden & Park
Naturkundemuseum Bayern

Experiment set-up with father and daughter: tulips, methylated spirits and other material

The Colours of the Tulips

Lab@Home Experiment
Amateur botanists wanted: If you want to learn more about nature's colour tricks, you can become a researcher in the tulip experiment.
permanent exhibition

Children & Youth, Garden & Park, Workshop, Literature & knowledge
Naturkundemuseum Bayern